Winds Wreak Havoc

 SHELBY COUNTY — A severe thunderstorm brought straight-line winds of up to 80-miles per hour to the area Saturday evening, July 23.
 Shelby County Emergency Management Coordinator Alex Londo said around 8:25 p.m.,  Shelby County was placed in a severe thunderstorm warning with a special weather statement for the communities of Shelby, Tennant, and Harlan to shelter in place. The storm sirens were sounded in these towns, as well as Elk Horn, as it passed through the county.
 Londo said some areas reported power outages, but the only physical damage reported so far is trees and debris in the roadway throughout the county, and crews are working on cleaning up.
 Londo said, “If you had damage from the storm please call 712-755-2124 to report it and be included in the damage report that we will provide to the state. This is not a guarantee that you will receive assistance, but there is a potential for it.”
 Londo said callers will be asked for a name,  address, phone number, type of damage, and insurance information on the damaged property. After filing a damage report, those qualifying for assistance will be contacted.




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