HCSD bond aims to bring students into 21st century

SHELBY COUNTY — The best way to sum up the $22.9 million Harlan Community School District school bond issue facing voters Sept. 13 is to go directly to the source. HCSD Superintendent Dr. Jenny Barnett said two questions will be on the ballot, and if approved will address facility shortcomings and put students into the 21st century, continuing the district’s reputation for educational excellence.
Question 1: General Obligation Bond Referendum with a $2.33 tax increase
Barnett explained: “This vote will be to decide if General Obligation Bonds in an amount not to exceed $22.9M will be issued to provide funds to remodel, repair, improve, furnish, and equip the High School, Middle School, and Primary School buildings, and to build a new Intermediate school.”
 Question 2: Adopt a Revenue Purpose Statement $0 Tax Impact
 Barnett explained: “This vote will ask voters to adopt a Revenue Purpose Statement specifying the use of revenues the Harlan Community School District will receive from the State of Iowa Secure an Advanced Vision For Education (SAVE) Fund. If approved, this Revenue Purpose Statement shall remain in effect until replaced or amended by the Harlan Community School District. The Revenue Purpose Statement is required by the state for all school districts every ten years, and essentially gives local control to the district to use the SAVE (sales tax) dollars they receive. If not adopted, these funds must be entirely used for property tax abatement. Historically, Harlan Community Schools has used SAVE (sales tax) revenues to offset the property tax burden on taxpayers, and if passed would continue to do so. This will not raise your taxes. It is an extension of the current Revenue Purpose Statement which will allow the school district to continue to spend the funds as allowed by Iowa law. In the past, through the revenue purpose statement, SAVE (sales tax) funding was used for HVAC improvements, technology needs, and roofing projects.”



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