Early election results show re-election for Iowa governor, senator

  SHELBY COUNTY —  According to early election numbers, Shelby County and Iowa voters both re-elected Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley in the General Election held Tuesday, November 8.
 Over 53% of Shelby County voters cast their ballots.
 In Shelby County, Republican Grassley defeated Democratic nominee Michael Franken 3,400 to 1,213.
 The Republic Governor Reynolds had 3,569 Shelby County votes to Democrat Deidre De Jear’s 1,023.
 Incumbent Republican Randy Feenstra won over Democrat Ryan Melton and Bryan Jack Holder with 3,384 votes. Paul D. Pate will resume his role as Secretary of State, earning 3,469 votes in Shelby County.
 Auditor Rob Sand lost to Todd Halbur in Shelby County, but, as of press time, Sand led the state with 50.1% of the votes over Halbur’s 49.9%.
 Shelby County and Iowa voters approved Constitutional Amendment 1, a measure to add the right to own and bear firearms to the state constitution and require “strict scrutiny” for any alleged violations of that right.
 Steven Holt, Republican State Representative District 12 and Brian Best, State Representative District 11, both ran unopposed.
 Unopposed county seats on the ballot were Bryce Schaben, Shelby County Board of Supervisors, earning 4,114 votes; Carolyn Blum, Shelby County Treasurer with 4, 011 votes; Geralyn S. Greer, County Recorder, 4,099 votes; and County Attorney Marcus Gross, Jr, with 2,887 votes.




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