“What’s going to bring them back”

Bond issue aims to make HCSD a learning facility for future generations

part of the upcoming $22.9 million
Harlan Community School District’s
Sept. 13 bond issue focuses on a new
intermediate building, elementary
building and updates for the high
school. The intermediate building
of Harlan Community was built
in 1965 and is the oldest building
owned by the district. Superintendent
Dr. Jenny Barnett said the new
building will create better learning
environments for students.
“It will allow for small groups of
students to work together or with an
adult outside of the classroom, but
not in the hallway,” said Barnett.
“In addition, the design would assist
teachers in collaborating with each
other and create a much more open
environment for learning.”
Another important facet for
Barnett and the district was the
creation of 21st century learning
spaces. Barnett described some of
the difficulties associated with the
current building and what a new
building would offer the district.
“A new building would create
21st-century learning spaces, collaborative
and small group learning,
more natural lighting, upgraded
HVAC, electrical and other
systems (in the current building
if 3 classrooms in one hallway are
using their projectors a fuse is
blown). Flexible learning environments
emulate work environments
in real world settings. Student
problem-solving and collaboration
are the key to higher levels of academic
achievement,” Barnett said.
Intermediate officials also
weighed in on proposed changes
to their building. Ann Heithoff,
the assistant principal of the elementary
school, gave three major
reasons why the new intermediate
building would be beneficial for
the district and its students: a new
secure entry, improved air quality
and updated heating and air.



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